Character Artist Poll

The original Character Artist Pro artwork is looking a little long in the tooth so, for Character Artist 3, we’ve comissioned artwork by Rich Longmore. We have an art budget and we’d like to use it as wisely as possible, so we have to make some tricky choices. This image shows some of the variety of clothes, accessories and humanoid monsters we already have.

Character Artist 3 lets you create humanoid monsters such as the Dread Pirate Squid above,  but in CA Pro we also included some front-on symbols for a variety of  monsters for use on counters or standees. I asked Rich to produce a sample image, and this is what he came up with. Cute fella, isn’t he?

This leaves us with a question – how much do you want news monster and treasure tokens in CA3 compared with some extra clothing, accessories, expressions and humanoid monster parts? Please let us know in this poll.

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7 Responses to “Character Artist Poll”

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  2. My Problem with your first character artist program is that it looked cheesy. If you look at Dungeon Siege 2 at the character creation there that is what most gamers want, but printable so that you can make numerous humans with different hair facial features eyebrows, etc. If you can come up with a program that can do what that program did, then I would buy it in a heartbeat. Currently I use Realillusions ICLONE 4 but it is too expensive for most people and the main problem with that program is that you have to buy the clothes or make them yourself which is a little time consuming and requires some degree of CAD understanding. I hope this helps you but I think you are on the WRONG track with this particuliar product unless it has these features in it.

    Sincerely James Rizza

  3. With respect to the prior commenter, I disagree. These are the kinds of images that go on character sheets, and which give a rough approximation of the character. I’ve already voted, and I think the most important thing is to be able to create credible images of basic race/class combinations in a variety of genres (modern/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic as well as fantasy). Weapons are nice as well, but if you can get an image of any basic character type in costume at this level of quality, you’ll have at least one more satisfied customer here.

  4. Oh, and the reason I put the monster tokens at the bottom of my preferences is because they’re the easiest things in the world to create if you’ve got a source image (i.e., Google the D&D image archive) and the TokenTool from the site. Print tokens are really well represented in the marketplace with the Monster Vault and Paizo’s equivalent. But it’s often super hard to find the PRECISE combination of character type and race (especially in non-fantasy games).

  5. Thanks for your comments. Are you happy with the art samples we show here?

  6. @Simon Rogers,

    I usually like your products but it looks to retro to me but that is my opinion. I personally wouldn’t buy this product. I like programs that let you decide on just about anything. Problem is the only ones I know are ICLONE and though I have it, even that is not as user friendly as such ingame products like Dungeon Siege, Dragon Age and Skyrim. I would buy a product that emulates one of those examples glady. Maybe you will be the first and maybe not, I know you have invested a lot of time in this but I want you to succeed because your product line has only gotten better not worse.

    Sincerely James Rizza

  7. In regards to Ben’s comment. I can get better images from artists websites for free and make my own tokens in less than a minute with Word 2007, and like you said, you use the free RP Tools to do the same thing. So why the need for this program unless it does something better than what is out there now. That is why I would much prefer a character generator along the lines of Dungeon Siege or Dragon Age. The graphics are awesome and if you could print a portrait, Either full body or face, then you would have something nobody else does except maybe IClone but they are more expensive and offer very little. Another marketing point for you guys at profantasy is that you can sell Add on packs for clothing, weapons, artifacts equipment etc etc. I think you would do better in this area. The added bonus is adding monsters preferably already constructed, like Ogres, goblins, Orcs and such and allow them access to the same addon packs while allowing customers to change thier looks too. Perhaps in addon packs. As I have said NO ONE ELSE is doing this and there is a DEMAND for this kind of product.
    Sincerely James Rizza