Character Artist 3 – More Women and Hairy Faces

Here are a few more glimpses of ongoing work in Character Artist 3.

Some female figures:
Sample Girls

And the first dwarven faces:
Sample Dwarven Faces

2 Responses to “Character Artist 3 – More Women and Hairy Faces”

  1. I hope there will be some other dwarven beards available. There should be some that are long and bushy as all know dwarves prize their beards second only to gold. I prefer unbraided and unruly, but long braids can be ok too. The samples have beards that are way too short(except the second of course) and all are too narrow. Number one is the best if it were the length of the second.

    Just one dwarf fan’s opinion. Thanks for listening.

  2. We’ll do our best in including adequate beard types for dwarfs.