CC3+ Update 25

Update 25In light of the recent world-wide developments, were many people are stuck at home, we’ve decided to extend the content in basic CC3+ to include more material for dungeons and cities, so you can use CC3+ alone to make everything from world maps via cities down to floorplans and dungeon maps. You can download this latest update from your registration page to get the additional tools and drawing styles, and the full CC3+ setup will also include them from now on.

What do you get specifically? We’ve included a selection of Annual issues, some of which were already available for free and other which weren’t so far:

Here are the release notes for version 3.94:

CC3+ Version 3.94
– added new drawing styles to CC3+ install: Jon Roberts Overland, Jon Roberts Cities, Jon Roberts Dungeon, Namoi VanDoren Floorplans
– added city and dungeon menus to base setup
– added basic city and dungeon tools to base setup

3 Responses to “CC3+ Update 25”

  1. Thank you!

  2. Hi,
    I could not get in your website in which order should CC3+ and its different components be installed ?

    Did I miss it ? Can you guide me ?

    Regards and thanks for the great work.


  3. Hello Arnaud!

    Install in the following order:
    1. CC3+
    2. Any add-ons in any order
    3. Latest update for CC3+ (currently Update 25)

    If you can log into your registration page for the setup files, let us know at