CC3+ Update

The next version of Campaign Cartographer, CC3+, is in late beta. We were hoping for a release this year, but that’s looking less likely. You can read about the new version here. new large icons interface

We’ve got two show-stopping bugs to deal with before we release the CC3+ beta to a wider audience.

Who is this audience?

We released Character Artist 3 this time last year, and until 1st January 2014 offered free CC3+ upgrade protection to purchasers. Character Artist 3 users will be able to download the beta version and give us feedback as soon as our two big bugs are dealt with. It’s impossible for us to tell when that will be, but I hope it’s in the next couple of weeks. If you are in this category, we’ll send you an email, and update your registration page with the new version. When the new version is finished, you’ll get a new update.

When this wider beta test is completed, we’ll release the upgrade, but we absolutely don’t want to release it until we are sure it’s solid on all operating systems.

15 Responses to “CC3+ Update”

  1. One of the things I love about ProFantasy is your insistence on releasing products when their ready and not on a predetermined date.

    That said, argh, I can hardly wait!

    Thanks for the update, Simon. I eagerly look forward to playing with a stable CC3+!


  2. “they’re” double-argh for no edit option!

  3. Can you list the recommended system requirements. Not the minimum, but what do you recommend for someone doing a lot of maps. Specifically what CPU, RAM, and Graphics Card(s).

  4. Happy to hear it will be coming out, trying to be patient as I love CC3. CC3+ should be great.

  5. @Jeffrey: Any modern computer running Windows Vista or newer will be fine (XP works too). My work setup is a Windows 8.1 (64-bit) system with AMD processor and 8GB of RAM which is plenty.

  6. Not sure I understand “until 1st January 2014 offered free CC3+ upgrade protection to purchasers” I bought CC3 before this year, does this mean I will get this upgrade for free?

  7. I have CC3, how much will the upgrade to CC3+ cost?

  8. @Drake. That was an offer specific to people who bought CA3 at the time. There will be discounts for those who bought CC3 this year though, depending the date of purchase.

    @Charles. Expect the CC3+ upgrade to be in the $15 to $25 range (before discounts). We don’t have an exact price yet.

  9. Thanks Ralf,

    I have had CC3 for some time so I will not be getting the discount, but $15 to $25 is very reasonable.

    I looking forward to getting this release.

    Profantasy has a awesome line up of products!

    I figure the digital download only version will be cheaper than the digital download with hard copy.

    Thanks again,

    Charles W. Robinson

  10. Will it be able to draw cities right out of the way, or will we have to wait further for a CD3+?

  11. I am impressed by the quality of the product rather than by the immediacy of its release. CC3 has been a pleasure to work with, and to overcome its learning curve, all these years and with its focus on quality I am impressed CC3+ will continue to be the same brand name pleasure.

    No need to rush when the product is done right and rightly done. I am grateful that CC3 is a stable, steady product built like a good friendship ought to.

    In my experience of the software industry (esp. games & os), this is an unfortunate rarity. So when I see it, I not only take notice, I gush about it.


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  13. Just tried it. The Random city generator doesn’t work

  14. What font is that and is it available in CC3+?

  15. @Dendore: That font is called “Worn Manuscript” and you can download it here: