With this month’s of free content by Mike Schley you can build a great wall around your kingdom to protect it against the barbarian hordes outside. You will find 40 new symbols in this month’s catalog to construct a continuous series of walls, tower, gates and forts in Mike Schley’s overland style of CC3+.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list (see image on the right). All the content up to and including January 2022 is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page

Annual 2021Last year’s Cartographer’s Annual – Volume 15 – has now been consolidated into one single installation, which is available on the registration page for all subscribers. If you ever need to reinstall it, just grab the download from there and you don’t need to go through the 13 individual issue installs. If didn’t you subscribe, waiting for it to become available as one single package, you can now purchase it from the Annual’s page and the store as usual.

From undersea dungeons via fantasy towns and cities to colonies in space, the 2021 Annual contains a wealth of material, with lots of contributions by our favorite artists and map-makers like Sue Daniel, Pär Lindström and David Castedo Gomez. Check out many example maps on the Annual’s gallery page.

A special highlight was Sue Daniel’s two part Marine Dungeon style that let us venture into undersea environments. Her knack for exceptional sheet effects gave us a realistic look into shallow or deeper waters, foaming waves and lots of other goodies.

Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Town style has become a staple among our mappers for clear and beautiful town plans that are easy and quick to draw. I am very much looking forward to his work in 2022.

Morwara mapWe were also happy to see a new contributor’s work in last year’s volume, with David Castedo Gomez (Medio in the forum community) creating the Erdan Worlds overland style based on the older Worlds of Wonder style.

Personally, I was very happy to take another stab at one of my favorite older map styles (Pete Fenlon Revisited) and make a hobby project of mine – paper diorama buildings for a sci-fi Colonial Outpost – into a proper Annual issue. While papercraft and Dioramas 3 is a niche among our users, the Annual provides the platform to make such special styles and collections available.

The current Annual 2022 subscription has now started and the January issue is already available. So if this retrospective on 2021 did wet your appetite, check it out here.

Winter VillageHello fellow map-makers! Are you looking forward to the holidays? We have one more newsletter for you before the end of the year. Here it is!




  • Are you importing old maps into CC3+ to recreate them? Remy Monsen shows you how to scale them precisely so your scale and measurements are corret.
  • Remy also continues his series on developing add-ons for Campaign Cartographer, working dynamic dungeon tools.


  • CC3+ has been updated to version 3.97 (Update 27) which is available from your registration page.
  • Fractal Terrains 3+ has been released and is available from among your FT3 downloads on your registration page.

Winter VillageWith Volume 15 of the Cartographer’s Annual now complete including its bonus issue, we are now ready to head into 2022 with Volume 16. The discounted re-subscription offer to current susbcribers has gone out (email us if you didn’t get it) and you can check out a preview of the first three issues, on the Annual 2022 page.

As a pre-release offer you can now subscribe at a 15% discount and get the January issue right when the subscription starts.

Wyvern CitadelIt is high-time we announce the Master Mapper award for 2020, though with all the wonderful commnunity activity going on, it’s not been an easy choice this year. One mapper stood out for us though, not only because of the sheer amoung of wonderful maps they created, but also due to their helpfulness to other mappers, as well as the inventiveness their map-making showed. It’s our forum member Alastair McBeath (Wyvern), who we name Master Mapper of 2020. Congratulations and thanks!

Alastair has been with us on the community forum since 2013, and the number of maps he has shared since then is innumerable. With the Master Mapper title we want to specifically thank him for:


  • Creating many beautiful and innovative maps and sharing them with the community.
  • Lively discussions, active help and always being welcoming in the Profantasy community.
  • Coming up with new ways to use Campaign Cartographer’s tools and assets, and sharing these with his fellow map-makers.
  • Contributing to the toolset of Campaign Cartographer via the Cartographer’s Annual.

So, thank you, Alastair, we are looking forward to all the future maps you will come up with!

ProFantasy’s sister company Pelgrane Press publishes the award-winning 13th Age roleplaying game.

Written by the co-designers of 3e and 4e, it’s the game that that they play at home. 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20-rolling fantasy gaming with new story-focused rules, designed so you can run the kind of game you most want to play with your group. Combat is fast and exciting, skills are simple and flexiblew and based on the character’s history, and each character is tied to the setting and the powers of the world – the Icons.

If you play D&D, it won’t take you long to get started.

Free 13th Age Maps and Tools

ProFantasy worked with Pelgrane to produce some amazing cartography for 13th Age.

We’ve bundled up this CC3+ content for you free to celebrate the 13th Age Humble Bundle. It includes a map-making style, map collections and the 13th Age QuickStart rules.

You can download it here.

The 13th Age Humble Bundle

The 13th Age Humble Bundle includes almost everything for the 13th Age roleplaying game line at a low, low price.

Combining streamlined combat with excellent indie story game design, and packed with a collection of beautifully-crafted books, music, digital maps, and more such as 13th Age, 13 True Ways, and the 13th Age Bestiary, take your character from a plucky adventurer all the way to become an epic hero! Plus, your purchase will support Oceana (supporting the reduction of plastic pollution).

Get the Bundle here.



Exam,ple Elven StructuresGood news, dear map-makers! We are happy to announce that starting in June 2021 (i.e. Now!) we are releasing regular free content for Campaign Cartographer 3+.

This is available as a separate download from your registration page (among the CC3+ downloads) and will be rolled into the full CC3+ setup and upgdates regularly.

We start out with a batch of symbols for elven places by Mike Schley, expanding his overland style. Show your ancient elven civilizations with cities, towns, villages, holy groves and castles in their deserved splendor! Download it now from your registration page now, the new symbols will be integrated into the Strcuture catalog of the Mike Schley Overland style.

Community Atlas WorldThe community atlas project just finished it’s 500th map competition. The competition was all about making a dungeon with a fire an/or ice theme. 18 people participated, handing in a total of 30 maps. The voting is now over, but all the maps can be seen in the voting thread.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.

The winners are as follows, and all won vouchers to the ProFantasy store, sponsored by ProFantasy Software Ltd and JimP from the forums.

Best Map:

Coils of the Cold Coroner by Autumn Getty

2nd Place:

The Temple of the Burning Ice by AleD

3rd Place:

Kristol Caverns by Loopysue

4th Place:

The Fire of Lielt’ma by daperdepa

5th Place:

Klodevig’s Gauntlet by Lillhans


500th Atlas Map:

The 500th atlas map was randomly drawn between the maps of the contestants still eligible for a prize. And the winner of this honor was

Fifth Summer Palace of the Winter Queen by Wyvern


Great work everyone, and thanks form the Community Atlas Project for all the new wonderful maps for the atlas.

Continue reading »

Morwara mapNews



Ogre MageWe are happy to announce the release of Token Treasury: Monsters 2, our second release in a line offering tokens for CC3+ and supporting virtual tabletop software with ready-to-use artwork.

The Token Treasury line gives you a huge selection of creatures and characters to populate your maps, with frames and varicolor backgrounds to customize your virtual tabletop tokens. The art is available as CC3+ symbols and as PNG files for any graphics package such as Photoshop and GIMP. The Token Treasury is designed for use with any virtual table top software such as roll20, Battlegrounds, d20pro and Fantasy grounds.

Token Treasury: Monsters 2 contains 100 creatures drawn by fantasy artist Rich Longmore, in rectangular and circular forms, as well as a set of token frames for depicting the creatures role and position in combat for your fantasy maps.

Add to Cart

Token Treasury: Monsters 2 can now be ordered from the ProFantasy store.

The full feature list includes:
Example Map

  • More than 500 symbols for use in CC3+ including the 100 creatures and 32 frames/arrows frames in 4 symbol catalogs, and templates and drawing styles for creating more token combinations.
  • More than 700 tokens, consisting of 100 creatures and 32 frames/arrows in various configurations, for immediate use in any graphics software such as Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Ready for use in virtual table top (VTT) application such as roll20, d20pro, Battlegrounds and Fantasy Grounds.
  • Frames for melee, ranged, magic and bosses to denote the creature’s role in combat, and arrows to indicate their facing.
  • A guide introducing you to the Token Treasury both within CC3+ and in other applications.
  • If you own CC3+, TT:M also installs symbol catalogs, templates and drawing tools. Create custom tokens with varicolour backgrounds and add your own frames. Mirror the symbols to add variations.

This is the full list of creatures. Normal creatures are 300 x 300 pixels, large creatures are 600 x 600 pixels, and huge creatures are 600 x 900 pixels.

  • Animated Armor normal
  • Azer 1 normal
  • Azer 2 normal
  • Basilisk normal
  • Behemoth huge
  • Bird Swarmlarge
  • Boar Dire normal
  • Centaur Chief large
  • Centaur Melee large
  • Centaur Ranged large
  • Crab Giant normal
  • Crocodile normal
  • Death Knight normal
  • Demon Incubus normal
  • Demon Succubus normal
  • Deva 1 normal
  • Deva 2 normal
  • Devil (Barbed) normal
  • Dinosaur (Raptor) normal
  • Dinosaur (TRex) huge
  • Displacer Beast normal
  • Dog Guard normal
  • Dog Hunting normal
  • Dog Rabid normal
  • Dretch 1 normal
  • Dretch 2 normal
  • Drow Assassin normal
  • Drow Matriarch normal
  • Eagle 1 normal
  • Eagle 2 normal
  • Elephant huge
  • Ettercap normal
  • Fey Pixie normal
  • Fey Sprite normal
  • Flying Skull normal
  • Frog Giant normal
  • Frogspawn Chief normal
  • Frogspawn Melee normal
  • Frogspawn Priest normal
  • Frogspawn Ranged normal
  • Giant Cloud huge
  • Giant Snail normal
  • Giant Storm huge
  • Gibbering Mouther normal
  • Golem Flesh large
  • Golem Iron large
  • Harpy normal
  • Hawk normal
  • Hyena normal
  • Kraken huge
  • Leopard normal
  • Lion normal
  • Mimic normal
  • Mohrg normal
  • Octopus Giant large
  • Ogre Mage large
  • Orca large
  • Phoenix large
  • Piranha Swarm large
  • Purple Worm large
  • Rat Dire normal
  • Rat Ogre large
  • Ratfolk Captain normal
  • Ratfolk Magic-user normal
  • Ratfolk Melee normal
  • Ratfolk Ranged normal
  • Rust Monster normal
  • Sahuagin Captain normal
  • Sahuagin Melee normal
  • Sahuagin Priest normal
  • Sahuagin Ranged normal
  • Satyr normal
  • Serpentfolk Captain normal
  • Serpentfolk Magic-user normal
  • Serpentfolk Melee normal
  • Serpentfolk Ranged normal
  • Shambling Mound large
  • Shark normal
  • Snake Python normal
  • Snake Venomonous normal
  • Spider Swarm large
  • Stirge normal
  • Svirfneblin Chieftain normal
  • Svirfneblin Magic-user normal
  • Svirfneblin Melee normal
  • Svirfneblin Ranged normal
  • Tiefling Rogue 1 normal
  • Tiefling Rogue 2 normal
  • Tiger normal
  • Tiger normal
  • Troglodytes Captain normal
  • Troglodytes Magic-user normal
  • Troglodytes Melee normal
  • Troglodytes Ranged normal
  • Werebear large
  • Wereboar normal
  • Wererat normal
  • White Stag normal
  • Winter Wolf normal
  • Xorn normal

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