Cartographer’s Annual vol. 5

Every year, we bundle up our annual subscription and offer it as a singleeasy install, and it’s available now.

I scoured the readme files and found that our latest collection include:

  • 10 map-making styles with 486 drawing tools.
  • 108 fill styles and textures
  • 28 templates
  • 45 maps
  • 2238 symbols in 41 catalogs
  • 55 pages of map-making guides
  • 18 effect settings, new commands, a font Fractal Terrains 3 textures and a converter
Overland Pespectives style

The style pack Overland Perspectives gives you a beautiful vector drawing style set up to create perspective landscape maps.

Symbol Pack Dungeons

The symbol pack Dungeons contains more than 1500 new high-detail bitmap symbols for your dungeon and outdoor floorplans.

Jonathans Roberts Style

The style pack Jonathan Roberts Overland contains a complete new overland style created by fantasy cartographer Jonathan Roberts.

Jonathans Roberts Style

The style pack 1930s Travel Guide contains a new floorplan drawing style for maps reminiscent of 1930s travel guides.

Modern Street Map

The style pack Modern Road and Street Maps contains a new drawing style for modern road atlas style maps.

Dragonbone Lair

The style pack Jon Roberts’ Dungeons contains a new drawing style for dungeon floorplans and battlemaps.

Mine Diorama

The map pack Mine Diorama contains a new complete, customizable diorama set.

Vertical Dungeon Geomorphs

The style pack Vertical Dungeon Geomorphs contains ready-to-use geomorph tiles and the style to create more of your own.

Military Operations Style

The style pack Miltary Operations contains a new style for modern and near-future operational maps.

Treasure Maps Style
The style pack Treasure Maps contains a new style for local-area player handouts and treasure maps .
Moe's Dive

The map pack Moe’s Dive contains two high-detail maps and a composite CD3/DD3 template.


The style pack 1930s Street Maps contains a new drawing style for pulp and horror games set in the 1930s.

FT3 Climate Shader

The tool pack Climate Textures contains a set of seamlessly tiling bitmap textures for use in FT3 and CC3.


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