Cartographer’s Annual: September 2018

Temple of the Spring DawmWe are very happy to present a new drawing style by Sue Daniel for the September Annual 2018. At heart it is a city style using City Designer 3 functionality for the roofs of the temples to generate automatic shading, and it is specifically designed to create Japanese-style temples in high detail. Later in the year we will expand on this to create a full-blown Asian city style.

In the meantime this style has all the material to create beautiful temple layouts with a variety of roof styles and many bitmap fills and vegetation symbols. After all, what would a Japanese temple be without a veritable host of blossoming cherry trees?

You can subscribe to the Annual 2018 here. If you are already subscribed, the September issue is now available for download on your registration page.

8 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual: September 2018”

  1. Very nice and great you are branching out to different building styles. – really like the waterfall.

  2. Thank you so much for all your very hard work in putting this together so quickly, Profantasy 😀

    And, thank you, Andrew 🙂

  3. Beautiful work! I especially like the waterfall — CC has long been in need of symbols for waterfalls, both the type that would show up on large-scale overland maps and smaller ones that would only appear on local maps. Will the 2018 Annual include any such symbols?

  4. Oh my! I love this! I’ve been wanting more cultural styles for awhile! Sue-san, domo arigato gozaimasu!

  5. Beautiful work, Sue!

  6. Thank you all very much! 😀

    Steven – I wasn’t planning any waterfalls, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that one or two may just happen by accident at some point;)

    Geoff – Jo tasuke ni narete (I was glad to help you)

    Lorelei! Thank you so much. That’s a really big compliment coming from you 😀

  7. Love the style Sue! Well done!

  8. Thank you, Tony 😀