Cartographer’s Annual – November 2019

The November 2019 Annual issue is a very special one this year – it contains a huge tutorial and tool pack created full by Sue Daniel, which teaches you the techniques to create amazing world maps with a combination of Fractal Terrains 3 and Campaign Cartographer 3+. Like this one…

With more than 40 pages of detailed instructions, three full-fledged example maps each in a variety of styles, support files for FT3 and CC3+ and a whole bunch of pre-generated FT3 worlds for you to play with, the content of this issue is huge. And even if you don’t Fractal Terrains 3 yourself, the included CC3+ maps are a treasure trove in themselves.

If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to the Annual 2019 here. If you are already subscribed, the November issue is available for download on your registration page now.

4 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual – November 2019”

  1. Gosh, Now I see a reason to get fractal terrains – beautiful

  2. Thank you, Andrew 🙂

    And don’t be put off by the number of pages. I would say 50% of that is illustrations and pretty pictures. 40+ pages doesn’t mean its difficult at all 😉

  3. So I guess I need to get this now. This is stunning in every way.

  4. Thank you, Rob 🙂