Cartographer’s Annual: May 2019

Beaumaris 3dThe May issue of the Cartographer’s Annual is now ready for download and installation. The map pack “Beaumaris Castle” is a complete re-imagining of a classic fortification from Source Maps: Castles! Sue Daniel rebuild the Welsh castle with modern bitmap symbols and textures, and we’ve included all those resources in the issue for your use in other maps and drawings.

Explore the beautifully mapped four floorplan levels, the stunning 3d view of the whole castle and a surroundings maps. Over 100 floorplan symbols, 30 isometric buildings and walls sections, and 33 new bitmap textures can be leveraged for other projects.

If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to the Annual 2019 here. If you are already subscribed, the May issue is available for download on your registration page now.

2 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual: May 2019”

  1. Do you need perspectives to use this or do you get more out of this month’s set if you have it?

    Looks great and I bet it took lots of skills and effort to create.

  2. Hi Andrew 🙂

    I would not have been able to generate the basic 3D map without perspectives, but as to whether you need Perspectives to view it I wouldn’t know, so I will leave that to Profantasy to answer.

    And thank you – it did take about 3 months to do, starting from scratch with all the textures and symbols 🙂