Cartographer’s Annual: June 2019

CA150 Tomb of the Dark PharaohThe June issue of the Cartographer’s Annual is now ready for download and installation. The style pack “Ancient Tombs” is a set of Egyptian-themed artwork including a huge number of new symbols and bitmap fills and comes with a complete mapping written by Jean-Michel himself. In fact this style is only the first of a trilogy, where the future part will look at creating isometric versions of the floorplans and a set of advanced techniques.

If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to the Annual 2019 here. If you are already subscribed, the June issue is available for download on your registration page now.

One Response to “Cartographer’s Annual: June 2019”

  1. Looks great excited to get this.

    I was thinking the image would be more comprehensive from a sales point of view if it included a rough cave as part of the display.