Cartographer’s Annual: December

The December Annual issue is now available from each subscriber’s registration page. This issue completes the trio of drawing styles based in the 1930s Baedeker travel guides: Floorplans, city street maps, and now overland maps.

The 1930s Overland style uses an uncommon (for CC3) method to depict hills and mountains, and in doing so the mapping guide takes a close look at the Symbols Along/Escarpment command in CC3.

County of Shealagh

While the December entry, this Annual issue is not the last one for this year. We’ll be releasing a bonus issue towards mid-December, expanding on the DeRust overland style.

4 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual: December”

  1. Very nice. Only one thing though–it looks like the escarpment symbol (Symbols/Maps/Other/CA84 Escarpment.FSC) is missing from the download. Either that or I’m not looking in the right place.

  2. Indeed, an unfortunate oversight on my part. Apologies! It is fixed now, please re-download the Annual and run the exe file again to get the escarpment catalog.

  3. Thanks! That did it.

    However, I am now noticing that the part file CA84 Key Part.fcw is also missing. In fact, the whole parts directory is missing. Additionally, the effect files that would normally go in System/Effects are missing. I checked the archive with 7zip and the directory is there, but it’s empty. This issue is probably more complex than usual, with files in odd places where they’re not normally needed.

  4. It’s got more to do with trying to do an Annual while also preparing the Character Artist 3 release. Too many things at once. I’ve updated the download with the missing files. Many thanks for the note!