Cartographer’s Annual 2021: November

CA179_WesternLandsThe November issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2021 includes the “Pete Fenlon Revisited” style pack, where we extensively re-worked the 2008 map style based on the iconic maps of ICE’s maps for the Middle-earth roleplaying game.

With the permission of Pete Fenlon, the author and artist of those maps, we produced a vector style pack in the second year of the Cartographer’s Annual. Since then CC3+ has been released and many new features and tools were added to Campaign Cartographer. To make use of these, we re-worked the templates and drawing tools and also took the opportunity to add more bitmap fills and symbols to the style.

More than 50 drawing tools and over 150 symbols now allow you to create overland maps in Pete Fenlon’s wonderful style much more quickly and easily. The 6-page mapping guide has also been re-written to account for all the new stuff.

The November issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2021 yet, you can do so here.

2 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual 2021: November”

  1. Is the new Pete Fenlon new asset pack (150 symbols etc) vector or .png files please?

  2. It is a set of vector symbols, but the style also contains a few bitmap fills.