Cartographer’s Annual 2012 subscription available

Annual 2012
You can now subscribe to the Cartographer’s Annual 2012 from the Profantasy web store. Check out previews for the first three issue on the Annual 2012 page.

Preview of the March Issue: Jon Roberts’ Cities
March Issue: Jon Roberts' Cities

6 Responses to “Cartographer’s Annual 2012 subscription available”

  1. Every year I think that you can’t top this years annual, and somehow you manage to do just that. This looks so promising 🙂

  2. Links on the Annual 2012 page are broken. Tried to download the samples; oops!

  3. @Brian Strauch, I’ve fixed the sample links and added the free sample issues.

  4. Subscribed already!! Cartographer’s Annual is the first purchase of the year, always! Can’t wait for the Jonathan Roberts City Style!!

  5. My highest compliments to John Roberts for that map preview for March. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. […] Cartographer’s Annual 2012 subscription is out now. See a preview of the March issue map here, and the first three issues […]