August: GenCon Past and Stunning Floorplans

River CanyonDespite conventions, summer holidays and some nasty (fortunately well-healing) injuries at ProFantasy software, we are still hard at work updating all the CC3 material to CC3+. This month we have Symbol Set 2 ā€“ Fantasy Floorplans for you!




2 Responses to “August: GenCon Past and Stunning Floorplans”

  1. Are you guys actually still in business? Because every link I click in Google takes me to a blank page (albeit with your nice background image). Your front page goes to a blank page. Indeed, anything under the secure subdomain ends at a blank page.

    In fact, the only pages that work are this rpgmaps subdomain, which is just your … showing-off log. This leads me to believe that you are out of business and are just, courteously, continuing to support your products.

  2. We are certainly still very much in business! Please check your Adblocker. We had reports that AdblockerPlus especially blocks our website on Firefox.