August: Finishing a city project, lots of videos, annuals and beautiful community maps

This month in the newsletter we’ve got the completion of the City design article series for you, wonderful new community maps, more example Annual maps by Christina and a long list of new YouTube videos.

CA164 Cronus Deck BNews

  • The August Annual issue bring you a style for retro-design starships, usable with out without Cosmographer 3.


  • The archived live mapping videos of the last month are available on YouTube.
  • Enjoy a selection of beautiful Maps of the Month created by our users in July.
  • Christian Trani continues her “All the Annuals“ series , where she creates a map for each of the Annual issues, starting with the Annual 2019. Check out the maps for July, August, and September of that year.


  • Ari Gilder finsihes his series on city building with a discussion of final touches for the map.
  • Remy Monsen looks at creating day and night versions of the same map. You can also check out his video version of the article.

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