Maps of the Month: July 2020

Welcome fellow mappers, to another look at some of the community maps created during the previous month. You’ve been amazingly busy, with many new members joining the community and creating wonderful maps on their wonderful journey into map-making. Enjoy these highlights, but always remember there are many more available on the forum and the FB group and we make no claims about picking the best or only ones!

Dan Morgan created the wonderful little Berkshire County map with July’s awesome “Spectrum Overland” style which has been a hit among this year’s Annual subscribers.
Berkshire County by Dan Morgan

It’s always exciting to see a post by Grimur Fjeldsted, since you know he has completed one of his awesome maps like the Waterstone Pits here, created with Symbol Set 4.
Waterstone Pits by Grimur

I’m a sucker for sailing and air ships, so picking the “Revelation of Kossoth” by Mark Olsen was a no-brainer. I really have to go back and create another Annual issue on making ships.
Revelation of Kossoth by Mark Olsen

The “Jungle Temples” maps by Arcwynd are a little treasure trove over on the forum. This is just one of the maps, showing the roofs.
Jungle Temple by Arcwynd

It’s always grea to see recreations of the real world in CC3+ and Galtisant did a great job with this wargame map of Italy here.
Italy by Galtisant

Blacskpire by Nicholas Tang is a great example of integrating a map into a larger document and thus creating an in-world artifact for your game.
Blackspire by Nicholas Tang

The color schemes of the One-Day Worldbuilder are always an eye-catcher, as you can see in smhollingsworth‘s map of the world of Aerden here.
Aerden by smhollingsworth

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