August 2023: Inked Ruins, Theatres and Random Settlements

Grisfend Harbour

  • The August issue of the Cartographer’s Annual is available, providing an black and white floorplan style for ruined settlements and outdoor locations.



  • Remy takes a loot at randomizing symbols and how that functionality can be leveraged for settlement placement.
  • Christina Trani creates a map with the “1800s Floorplans” style in her quest to go through All the Annuals.


  • CC3+’s current version is 3.98. Check in Help > About and if your version is older, run Update 28 for CC3+ available from your registration page.
  • Fractal Terrains 3+ has been released and is available from among your FT3 downloads on your registration page.
  • Join our community of map-makers on the Profantasy forum and/or the Facebook group.

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