April 2022: Tactical Maps, Advanced Drawing Tools and Magic Places

Accordo - Lizzy_MaracujaDear fellow map-makers! Another months has passed and spring (a little reluctantly here) makes itself slowly felt. While I’m eagerly awaiting warmer weather to head out into the woods and properly start my hiking season, the cool weather also gave me plenty of time for map-making and some of my own work spilled over into ProFantasy work, resulting in the latest Annual style. I hope you enjoy it, as well as all the other cool stuff we have for you this month.


  • The free monthly symbols for this month provide mapping material for the magic and unusual places of the work in Mike Schley’s overland style.
  • The April issue of the Annual 2022 is available, featuring a new modern, local area style for “Tactical Maps”.



  • Remy Monsen complements his recent live video on drawing tools with an article on Advanced Drawing Tools.
  • I ponder the future of the Free Monthly Symbols and ask your for your input on their future.


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