Annual 2012 Highlights

The Annual 2012 is our fastest selling annual since we started producing Annuals in 2007. We’ve had amazing user maps created and proudly displayed on our forum. Why? Well, I think the maps and comments speak for themselves. Here are my favourite styles for this year.

Herwin Wielink‘s overland style was the single most popular style every created for the Annual, measured by the amount of maps shown on the forums. So popular in fact, that we published an extension of the style with more symbols and textures. Use Elothan said here “It is a dream to work with i must say, I originally got it for the isometric dungeons, but this style is good at it is almost worth the price of the annual alone”

Herwin also created another of my favourites – his isometric dungeon style is just extremely clever and beautiful. I used a map created in this style for my annual mammoth D&D session.

2012 Isometric DungeonThe user map in Herwin’s Overland style was done by Modric, and the isometric dungeon here by forum member Tommek, who even commissioned custom symbols for his map from another artist. There are other amazing maps in this style.

On top of this we have the 13th Age style – a look I didn’t think even Ralf could reproduce, but he surely did, and Clercon here shows us how to use it.

And these are just three of the many styles available from the 2012 Annual.

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