January Competition: Create an Island and Win All Our Software

Create a map of an island, less than three miles wide. The prize? The best will win an unlimited patron license to all our cartography software forever.Example Treasure Map

  1. It doesn’t have to feature treasure, and it can be in any style, past, modern or future.
  2. You don’t have to create it with CC3 but it must be originally created for this competition and not posted elsewhere.
  3. You grant us permission to post the map, though you retain all other rights
  4. Only one entry per person
  5. If there are more than three entries, and the winner is not an amateur, then there will be an additional prize (a voucher worth $100) to the best amateur.
  6. To submit, post your entry on this forum thread, or email us a file, no more than 2MB.
  7. Competition closes on 1st March 2014.

Good luck, cartographers!

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