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  1. Hello,

    how have the foggy areas been achieved (postwork or in CC3)?


  2. As far as I know the map has been done completely in CC3. I might do those fog effects with a few white polygons, blurred strongly on their own sheet.

  3. Hi Weatherman. The fog effect is actually postwork. There was someone who used CC3 on the cartography forums who used this mist symbol. I saw it on his map and I asked his permission if he could send me the symbol. He did so. His name is Gandwarf. Not sure if he posts still.

    I could give you the mist symbol, there are two of them. They are already a symbol. What I did is put it in the Boarders folder and went to Symbol > Import Pngs and found it in the folder. Then you can have it there in the catalog you choose.

    If you want I could send you the two symbols.

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