A Host of New Releases

Jon Roberts Modern Floorplan StyleWe are happy that we’ve been able to put out two new products last month. Together with the monthly Annual, I’ve got a triplet to announce.

Symbol Set 3

The long-awaited and much delayed new version of Symbol Set 3 – Modern is now available. It comes with two completely new bitmap drawing styles for floorplans, with about 500 symbols each. One was created by Jon Roberts, the other by Michael Tumey. There is also a snazzy new blueprint-style for realistic looking player handouts, a Modern political overland style, and the old vector style has been updated to work with CC3’s sheet effects and drawing tools.

Temple of the Black Flame

Tome of Ultimate Mapping

The second product is the Tome of Ultimate Mapping which has been updated by Remy Monsen (the author of the CC3 Full Manual) to cover Campaign Cartographer 3 and all version 3 products up to Fractal Terrains 3 (Dungeon Designer 3, City Designer 3, Symbols Sets 1 and 2, Cosmographer 3 and Fractal Terrains 3). The chapters on the other add-ons will be updated after their new versions are released. Symbol Set 3 is obviously the next on the list. You can see half a dozen example pages of the Tome here.

June Annual Isometric Dungeon Style

Last but not least is this month Annual Issue, an isometric dungeon style created by Herwin Wielink. I’m especially delighted with the lovely artwork in this issue and spent a whole evening just tinkering with the symbols, putting together a large example example map.

One Response to “A Host of New Releases”

  1. Holy cow. Djekspek strikes [gold] again. The new isometric dungeon style annual is breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful and haunting and… just wow. Thanks to ProFantasy and to Mr. Wielink for another great annual.