A First Experience

Mark Wolnik, a fresh member of the ProFantasy community offered to write a few sentences about his initial experience with the Campaign Cartographer 3 and we gladly accepted. Here are his words. Thanks, Mark!

Since my youth, one of my favorite parts of reading fantasy books and playing fantasy games over the decades, has been poring over the maps that add that extra amazing amount of immersion. I would marvel at the skills needed to draw something in a manner that looked like a gifted and patient elven hand was at work here.

On Xmas Eve I treated myself with buying CC3, the SS1 Overland Fantasy Symbol set, and the Tome of Ultimate Knowledge. With my rudimentary skills, I set out to create a map for my guild.

By watching the tutorial videos, and following selected parts of the manual, CC3’s powerful mapmaking system features became easily understandable and useable. Within 3 days I had my first finished map, that although was far from perfect, I felt was reasonably presentable – I was hooked!

The next day (Dec 28th), wanting to improve my map making abilities, I decided to buy the Annuals package. There was a glitch from my end with Paypal, and accidentally 2 orders were placed – I was a little aghast since it being between Xmas and New Years, and my prior experiences with online merchants and financial transactions have been dubious at best, I thought it would be several weeks at least, before I could hope to see a return of the additional $249.00 accidentally billed.

Much to my surprise, and delight, my email to Ralf was answered that day (it was around 8pm his local time) with reassurances that all will be made good – and indeed the additional transaction was credited back immediately.

My experience with ProFantasy has been nothing short of excellent on every level – be it the high quality of CC3 itself, the explicit and helpful manner in which the tutorials are created, and the commitment and service in looking after their customers.

Thank you so much!
Mark Wolnik

And as a special treat, here is the very first map that Mark created with CC3:

2 Responses to “A First Experience”

  1. Our Mr. Wolnik’s definition of “far from perfect” is extremely different from mine. Without having read his story about learning CC3, I would have thought after looking at his map that it was done by a professional. You are selling yourself short, Mark-Man, the map is beautiful and is a first-rate pro job. “Far from perfect” indeed! Harumph! Excellent, and top-drawer work.

  2. That’s a fantastic map! I especially like the cliffs east of the Dragon’s Teeth! Wow!

    And I’d like to echo the sentiments about ProFantasy. I agree 100%.