Want to Create a Dungeon?

ProFantasy Software offers a large, possibly even bewidering range of dungeon styles from which you can choose.  All our add-ons, symbol sets and annual require Campaign Cartographer 3 to draw. Dungeon Designer 3 makes it easier to create dungeons, but isn’t required, except to use its own built-in styles. Here, then, is a selection of the some of the styles we offer and the software you need to use them.

Dungeon Designer 3 built-in style.

Symbol Set 2 raster style

Symbol Set 2 Colour

Symbol Set 2: Simple Monochrome



SS4 : Dungeons of Schley Colour

Beneath the Old Castle Example Map

SS4:  Dungeons of Schley, black and white

Warrow's Hideout - Black and White Example Map

Old School Dungeon Maps from Annual 1

Annual vol 4 Black and White Style

John Robert’s free dungeon style from the Annual vol 5

Vertical Dungeons from Annual Vol 5

Herwin Wielink’s Isometric Dungeon from Annual 6

Pär Lindström Black and White style from Annual vol 7

And if you are looking for some dioramas, try the Annual vol 6

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