User Maps – the April round up

I always look forward to putting together the month’s collection of user maps from the ProFantasy forum. It’s always a parade of beautiful and interesting maps. Let’s have a look, shall we?

KenG really took my breath way with his Cistern Caves. The pipes and cisterns look extremely lifelike and were something I hadn’t seen done in CC3 yet.
Cistern Caves

John (of put together this nifty little battle map of an abandoned shrine out in the woods. I’m sure it could come in handy for a more than a few fantasy campaigns.
Abandoned Shrine

Clercon combined the old Jon Roberts overland style with the latest Annual “Midgard World” style, to create a beautiful little vignette of the region around the city of Morcar.

Mappy drew this detailed battle map of a tower harboring great evil under a harmless facade. Take a look at the forum thread to see some of the great detail in the map!
Evil Tower

Henrie61 posted another overland map done in Herwin Wielink’s style (still one of my favorites). It shows the elven lands of Zibor.

BwenGun used Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Worlds style to great effect in this map of the Old Kingdom.
The Old Kingdom

KROM delights us again with one of his paper buildings designed in CC3. He uses the artwork from Dungeon Designer and Symbol Set 2 to stunning results!
Sorcerer's House

LegendaryTeeth created another all-around useful battle map of a rope bridge spanning a chasm. And in daytime and nighttime versions to boot!

Jason Z posted an amazing first map with his 2nd level of the Temple of Elemental Evil. It’s a sprawling dungeon map, full of detail, and faithful to the original!

Last but far from least, one of our most ingenious community members, Joachim de Ravenbel, is back with a gigantic floorplan (Gweddyz’s Chatelet). You’ll find seven levels of brilliant design on the forum thread!

And if that wasn’t enough, Joachim adds another gorgeous battle map, of a fiery lava shrine. You can almost feel the heat just looking at it.
Lava Shrine

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