User maps – September and October

We’ve got another round up for user maps from the Profantasy community forum. Take a look and wonder at the creativity of our prolific users!

Let’s star with jedius wonderfully atmospheric map of the Wildbyrne Outpost at night. He makes great use of CC3+’s lighting effects and light sources.
Harbour at Night

Does suntzu‘s map look familiar? If it does, that’s because it’s the map of Conan’s world done in Mike Schley’s overland style. Wonderful!
Hyborian Age

MarMorStein is extremely prolific with three wonderful local maps. Isn’t Brewstown just a wonderful little image?
Shrine on a Hill
Umberlee's Mercy

Shessar demonstrates some great technique’s for depicting height on a battle map.

HelenAA created this plan of a very brightly lit house interior. The lighting is deliberate, though we’ve not been told what sinister purpose lies behind that.
Brightly Lit Home

Did I mention that I love hex map? Meaning I just adore Skycast‘s huge map of Edaria.

ChrisWayneRobinson continues his epic world-mapping project. I’m just highlighting two of his huge collection of maps here.

Denalor is a new contributor, who created two beautiful battle maps for some Old World adventures.
Through Drakwald
Ashes Of Middenheim

Phoxounet combined the recent black and white town style by Pär Lindström with some colors to produce this map of Kerlo village.
 Kerlo Village

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