User Maps of May and June

I’ve got two months of beautiful user maps to cover, since due to holidays I wasn’t able to collect them for May. So without further ado, let’s get going:

My personal highlight of this month’s collection (and the other maps are very good too I should add) is probably Mappy’s The Manticore’s Tale tavern, drawn in Mike Schley’s dungeon style. it’s just wonderfully executed.
 Manticores Tale
 Manticores Tale 2
He also produced this great battlemap of a cellar in the same style.

Madcat redid the surrounding lands of the classic “Keep on the Borderlands” in CC3+’s vector color style. While not so widely used, the style has a soft spot in my heart for its simplicity. It also redraws extremely quickly!
 Keep On The Borderlands
He also drew this simple and clever side drawing of an ant hive.
Ant Hive

CharlesWayneRobinson shared a whole series of Mike Schley-style maps from his nordic setting of Kelleemah. Note how he played around with different symbol scales to achieve a very unique flair and high level of details.
Glacier Valley
Hardrada's Stronghold

Mateus090985 created an arena floorplan for his game together with some heraldry for the competing teams.
And then there’s Mateus’ alternative earth world map he just recently posted. Gorgeous!
Guerra Fria

WarEagle created a neat floorplan of a disco (and adjacent spaces) for his GM’s Shadowrun campaign. I want players like that!
Shadowrun Disco

Inspired by the floorplans of Tegal Manor on the forum qwalker mapped the floorplan of Ravenscrag Castle.
Ravenscrag Castle

This is another first map with CC3+, this time by james3k. I’m really happy with the maps, first time users produce!
NW Vartuu

MadCartographer‘s series of maps of his Lorchanth world is drawn in the 13th Age style and shows off that Annual style’s beauty very well.

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