User Maps of January

It’s time for the monthly parade of user maps posted to the ProFantasy forum – again we have some lovely work to show off, thanks to the community!

As described elsewhere, TolrendorDM finished off his 2013 Annual Challenge with this map of the “Barrens of Gorak” in the 1930’s travel guide style.
Barrens Of Gorak

Suntzu created this overview of the battlefield of Waterloo. Very handy for the discerning wargamer!

Do you want to see what rising water levels would do to the earth’s coastlines? Take a look at Modric‘s intriguing and scary version of a future earth.
Near Future Earth

MikeOliver has been quietly assembling a large collection of maps on the Peninsula War (to continue our Napoleonic theme). I’m not posting the example here for copyright reasons, but follow this link to see the map of the battle of Talavera.

KenG created the beautiful little village of Berkshire in City Designer 3.
Berkshire Village

Raiko created this wonderful dungeon map for his Pathfinder game in Dungeon Designer 3, using a lot of custom artwork. I just want to dive in and go dungeoneering!
Dragon's Demand

I’m not commenting on them individually, but visit this thread to see the fantastic submissions to the great ProFantasy contest. It’s still time to enter and win an Unlimited Patron License for all our software!

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