User Maps – November

Shall we take another look at what maps the Profantasy users shared last month? Of course we shall, what kind of stupid question is that? So without further ado, here are the user maps of November.

Kalnaren‘s series of maps for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path are a glorious place to start. They’ve been drawn with the Jon Roberts Dungeon style and complimented with a selection of DD3 symbols.

Skycast has started on detailing his amazing Etrakia hex map and here’s a little preview of the look he’s going for. I think it’s fantastic.

Dogtag‘s City Deisgner 3 example map is “just” an exercise in using the random street function in CD3, but I think it’s great in demonstrating how a good-looking city map can be thrown together very quickly. Thanks Dogtag!

The Red Hand Barony map by Blackadder23 gets another (it’s third) incarnation in TJ Vandel’s Ancient Realms style. I just love how the different styles change the character of the map.

The MadCartographer delights us wiht a new set of maps from his Lerchanth campaign setting. From a beautiful plan of the brig “The Far Seeker” though a regional map to a new continent, the maps are all wonderful.

Gatar took TJ Vandel’s panoramic city style and created this view of the city of Al-Hajar, Pearl of the Desert. Great work!

Last but not least, there’s always more to see in CharlesWayneRobinson‘s enormous mapping project. Click the image of the Western Tip of Sutheimr below, to see many more detailed maps from his world!

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