User Maps: March

It’s time for another look at last month’s maps on the community forum. Let’s see what the CC3 users have come up!

Look at these beautiful floorplans created with Symbol Set 4 (Mike Schley Dungeons) by SlaveOne. Check out the forum thread for even more of them. I’m especially in love with the “Lucky Hobitz Futs” tavern.

Suntzu is using CC3+ to draw maps of Harn, look at his beautiful versions of the whole of Harn and the Melderyn isle.

Kiskara shares his results of using FT3 – a continental map and a great rendering of a world map in a planetary view.

Tonnichiwa used an older Annual style (CA78 Comic Overland – a personal favorite of mine) to create this nice little map.
He also created this map of the “Elemental Plane of Fire from the 13th Age style mixed with some Herwin Wielink symbols…
.. and this is his “Kingdom of Blackwing” setting map done with Mike Schley’s overland style

Mateus090985 created this beautiful map for this “About Rabbits and Foxes” setting, using a variety of overland styles from the Annuals.
And he also produced a very beautiful map of the village Topo Seco.

JimP redrew his “Marsport” scifi map with the recent Downports annual issue.

Exmortis presented his very first map (drawn with CC3+) on the forum, the continent of Daedrea.

Joachim de Ravenbel drew another one of his intriguing maps, this time a battle map of a fiery tower. We’ll get a closer in one of his articles.

This is another first map, by poppiecock. It’s an partial export of an FT3 map, converted into Jon Roberts’ overland style. Great work!

And yet another first map done in CC3+ (way to go, people!), this time by Kaine.

Hermit took the “Evermeet” map from the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas, and prettified it immensely by converting it into Mike Schley’s overland style from CC3+.

MichelV69 created the map of “The Hamlet of Ravenslurk” (nice name Michel!) with City Designer 3.

And finally Gathar produced a wonderful Arabian Nights setting map, also with CC3+. It really shows the versatility of Mike Schley’s overland symbols.

There are already more beautiful maps from April on the forum, but we’ll leave those for the next round-up! You can check them our yourself now, by browsing through the “Show & Tell” category.

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