The Whole Shebang

ProFantasy Software has released 31 map-making products for PC. For about half of our users our flagship Campaign Cartographer 3+ is all they need to create their maps. But our add-ons give you powerful new tools and symbols to create maps in a huge variety of styles and genres and offer you hundreds of pre-made maps you can use in your campaign.

There are lots of curated bundles which include groups of products at a discount. But this article is about the Big Kahuna, the Full Monty, the Whole Shebang – our bundle of everything single thing we produce

It provides great value at a discount of more than 45% on the RRP of all the constituent products, but its price point means it’s not for everyone.

The Whole Shebang includes 31 products, featuring more than 80,000 symbols, in 163 styles and hundreds of maps across genres including fantasy, SF, modern and historical. It can create character portraits, overland maps, dungeons, floorplans. cities, villages and 3D cutaway maps. It has maps of real word castles, temples and cities. Any map you see on our website or social media, and almost all maps created by are users are made exlusively with these products.

You can use the vast library of high-res art assets in other programs such as Photoshop, too, all covered by our license.

You can get the Whole Shebang here.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this bundle – email for more information.


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