The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 15 – Complete Setup Available

Annual 2021Last year’s Cartographer’s Annual – Volume 15 – has now been consolidated into one single installation, which is available on the registration page for all subscribers. If you ever need to reinstall it, just grab the download from there and you don’t need to go through the 13 individual issue installs. If didn’t you subscribe, waiting for it to become available as one single package, you can now purchase it from the Annual’s page and the store as usual.

From undersea dungeons via fantasy towns and cities to colonies in space, the 2021 Annual contains a wealth of material, with lots of contributions by our favorite artists and map-makers like Sue Daniel, Pär Lindström and David Castedo Gomez. Check out many example maps on the Annual’s gallery page.

A special highlight was Sue Daniel’s two part Marine Dungeon style that let us venture into undersea environments. Her knack for exceptional sheet effects gave us a realistic look into shallow or deeper waters, foaming waves and lots of other goodies.

Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Town style has become a staple among our mappers for clear and beautiful town plans that are easy and quick to draw. I am very much looking forward to his work in 2022.

Morwara mapWe were also happy to see a new contributor’s work in last year’s volume, with David Castedo Gomez (Medio in the forum community) creating the Erdan Worlds overland style based on the older Worlds of Wonder style.

Personally, I was very happy to take another stab at one of my favorite older map styles (Pete Fenlon Revisited) and make a hobby project of mine – paper diorama buildings for a sci-fi Colonial Outpost – into a proper Annual issue. While papercraft and Dioramas 3 is a niche among our users, the Annual provides the platform to make such special styles and collections available.

The current Annual 2022 subscription has now started and the January issue is already available. So if this retrospective on 2021 did wet your appetite, check it out here.

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