The ProFantasy BoothAnother GenCon has come and gone – it seems in only the blink of an eye. While the show was good for ProFantasy, it wasn’t quite the spectacular success we’ve had in some previous years – sales declined about 10% from a very high base, and we are still one of the few companies which makes a modest profit from GenCon. While the fact that we didn’t have a finished new product this year (FT3 is only in beta) is part of the reason, selling software which can also quite easily be downloaded from the website gets just a bit harder each year, as broadband gets more and more common and people increasingly prefer the electronic-only version of software. Our website sales reflect this. We also get a post-Con blip as people who have seen the demo make their decision.
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Both Profantasy and sister company Pelgrane Press are gearing up for GenCon. Here are some new posters that just arrived.

Poster Maps for Gencon

Have to climb a chair to take pics of these.

Book cover posters for GenCon

Looking forward to hold Ashen Stars in my hands ... I love the look of that book.

I also want to find out how my Ashen Stars galaxy map (created with Cosmographer 3) came out in the book…

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