Traveller was the very first Sci-Fi rpg I played, and among my first experience with English-language games to boot. Back then our Traveller GM had me buy a boatload of books when I was over in Princeton for a school exchange in 1986 (hey folks, that was before internet-enabled international orders). Therefore it’s escpecially thrilling to include Traveller-maps in the new Cosmographer.

Marc W. Miller is doing some neat  stuff in T5 too, like providing customizable ship-plans so that GMs can make their own version of the Type S scout courier for example. Of course this just begs for a CC3 version, where adding your own details becomes even easier than on a paper map.

So here is the customizable scout/courier deckplan that’ll come with Cosmographer:

Traveller Charted SpaceBy Ralf Schemmann

We’ve been working on the new version of the Cosmographer add-on for a while, mostly because we didn’t want it to be “just” an art upgrade.  We’ve now added some very cool new features and are getting close to announcing a release date. Here are some collected previews of the different styles and features available in Cosmographer 3. Some of the images have already appeared on our blogs, others are new.


We’ve had some talented German artists (the BananaMonks) create a stunning set of  bitmap symbols for starship deckplans. Continue reading »

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