Perspectives 3: Examples from the Community

The Perspectives 3 add-on has a special place in the Profantasy software library: it is the only one in the arsenal (except for one Cosmographer 3 star map style), which does three dimensional maps – even if it’s not full 3d viewing, but an isometric projection. The resulting map are wonderful to look at, give a great sense of space and really fire the imagination, but they can be a bit challenging to design. While Perspectives 3 makes the basic drawing part easy, the overall planning and layout can be a bit harder.

As a result the community output of isometric maps has traditionally been lower than for classic 2d maps, but recently some beautiful Perspectives maps have cropped out, which we would like to share to inspire more mappers to try their hand and isometric layouts.

Jean-Michel Bravo (aka Joachim de Ravenbel) is the undisputed master (and a master mapper to boot) of the isometric map. He cerate a lot of custom content to use with Perspectives 3, just look at this Egyptian tomb map.

Adam Ruel has been creating beautiful CC3+ maps for a while and just recently posted his first Perspectives 3 work. Check out his Facebook page showing his Lair of the Planeswalker.
Adam Ruel - Lair of the Planeswalker

Max Schellsen posted his first Perspectives 3 building on the Profantasy community forum, along with his process in creating it. You can learn a lot about creating windows and complex walls from his explanations.
Max Schellsen - Building

Not so much created with Perspectives 3 but for it, Sue Daniel‘s isometric city buildings have been published in the Cartographer’s Annual 2019, and provide additional material to the house-building options already included in Perspectives.
Sue Daniel - Isometric City

Last year Luke Ó Scolaidhe created this map of Vindell’s Tower in Perspectives 3:
Luke O Scolaidhe - Vindells Tower

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