News from the Vintyri Project

We’ve got great news from the Vintyri project, a cartographic collection of free, open RPG symbols and fill patterns for use with Campaign Cartographer™ 3 and 3+. I’ll let Mark Oliva, the leading man behind the project, explain the details:

Vintyri HousesWe’ve entered a new release phase with the free, open gaming Vintyri (TM) Cartographic Collection for Campaign Cartographer 3+ and Campaign Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy Ltd. All of the releases are available for free private and commercial use under the Open Game License 1.0a. These symbols will give CC3+ and CC3 cartographers the ability to make maps in the style of the Joerdhgardh campaign setting.

In the past 10 days, we’ve:

1. Released Vintyri (TM) Symbol Set 3 for CC3+ and CC3 in an open beta version. This is the first time that Symbol Set 3 has been available for CC3+ and/or CC3.

2. The final Version 1.1 of Vintyri Symbol Set 2 for CC3+ and CC3. It contains very substantial changes from the current pre-release edition.

3. The final release of Version 4.2 of the Vintyri Fills & Textures. It includes important changes that are the result of user recommendations.

Each release includes a free, bookmarked and illustrated PDF Manual. All manual all now also include instructions for Windows 10 users.

If you’re uncertain whether this package is of interest, you can preview the content here:

Fills & Textures Version 4.2 (final release):

Symbol Set 2 Version 1.1 (final release):

Symbol Set 3 Open Beta Version 1.0 ß1.0

The site address for downloading the manuals, the fills & textures a the symbol sets is:

The new, final version of the Vintyri Fills & Textures package contains completely remade templates based upon a number of user recommendations that perform quite well. The accompanying illustrated and bookmarked installation guide also has been changed substantially to include instructions for the new and improved download and installation system and additional themes requested by users.

The final Version 1.1 of the Vintyri Symbol Set 2 offers wide-reaching changes over the last pre-release version. We strongly urge all who downloaded the pre-release version to download and install the update. The main change is the replacement of ALL 286 symbols with new versions that restore the color depth of the originals.

That’s the most visible change, but many other things also have changed since the last pre-release version:

1. All of the mostly small errors on catalog level and in the CC3 registry entries have been corrected.

2. The installation has been greatly simplified.

3. The symbol (.PNG file) download has been split for the benefit of those who have less than ideal Internet service.

4. A totally revised version of the .PDF user manual. We strongly urge you to download it before you download or install the Vintyri Symbol Set files. It will save you a lot of trouble. For the first time, the manual also includes important information for Windows 10 users.

The new Vintyri (TM) Symbol Set 3 collection for CC3+ and CC3 includes 131 Medieval Age type symbols for artisans and merchants: Baking houses, bakeries, butcher shops, chandler (candlemaker) shops, a copper mill, a flaxbreaking house, foundries, a clay-baking kiln, lumber sheds, mills with top- and bottom-driven waterwheels, a combination waterwheel- and
wind-driven mill, river cranes, sawmills, smithies, tanneries, a tobacco-drying house, wainwright (wagon-maker) operations and windmills.

As with Vintyri Symbol Set 2, this new release integrates completely into City Designer 3, using CD3’s roof shadowing, toolbar, street alignment, demographic building coloring, etc. HOWEVER, there are some prerequisites. The Vintyri Cartographic Collection is conceived as a unit. Each successive release builds upon the last, with the basic elements of the CD integration
including master filters, catalogs, menus and elements of the CD3 integration built into the installation routine of the keystone set, Vintyri Symbol Set 2. That means that in addition to a running installation of CC3+ and/or CC3, you also need to have installed Vintyri Symbol Set 2 for Symbol Set 3 to operate properly.

We’re offering Vintyri Symbol Set 3 at this time as an open beta test release. Our target for closing the beta period is Monday, November 30. Downloading does not obligate you to make beta reports, but if you have problems or find errors, please let me know!

The Vintyri Project is a non-profit organization. We sell nothing. We neither solicit nor accept donations. We do no kickstarters. All of our products are free and are released for private and commercial use under the Open Game License 1.0a.

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
The Vintyri Project is a non-commercial service

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