New User Maps Roundup

More and more beautiful user maps are appearing on the Profantasy forum, if you’re not regularly following the posts there, here is an overview:

Grimur Fjeldsted has updated his Naturns city map, done in the Jon Roberts Cities style.
Naturns City Map

Forum member HadrianIV has created this beautiful regional map “Sea of Tears” in the Herwin Wielink overland style.
Sea of Tears

Community member soldyne created this map of the “World River” as his very first map in CC3.
World River

Henrie61 drew this “quick and dirty” town map to try our the Jon Roberts Cities style and was impressed how quickly you can create a beautiful map this way.
Generic Town Map

The Jon Roberts Cities style seems very popular as shown by the “Yellowmire” map created by Dargurd. The unusual, swampy location of the city comes acress very well.

In a change of pace Modric created this black and white map of “Avern” and added a great parchment style filter for a great player handout. The style used is from the Cartographer’s Annual Vol 2.

And last but not least, forum member anomiecoalition drew this neat little Al Quadim-flavoured dungeon, using resources from DD3, the CSUAC art collection and Dundjinni forums.
Krak al-Shidda

Kudos to all the great maps our users have been creating!

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