March News


  • The kind people over at the Vintyri Project have released their textures in CC3 format. Their symbols libaries are to follow.
  • The March edition of the Cartographer’s Annual is out. Download an A2 PDF of Ralf’s amazing example map.
  • See a preview of the forthcoming 3D dungeon style for the Annual
  • Remy Monsen is now laying out the latest Tome of Ultimate Mapping. We hope it will be ready in April. Everyone who bought the Tome after the release of CC3 will get a free update. He wrote about the Tome last month.


  • Dwarven Gate – dungeon mapping by Pär Lindström
  • Armour Assembly – Rich Longmore’s video shows how Character Artist 3 is coming along
  • Mapping Cities 7: Houses Galore! Steve Davies continues his city design series




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