Maps of the Months: April 2024

Dear map-makers, it’s time to look back at another month of mapping goodness in the ProFantasy community. Here are some of the wonderful maps our community members shared in April. Enjoy!

Richard deRoiville created this amazingly detailed map of the city of Falkovnia in the Darklands City style.
Richard DeRoiville - Falkovnia

C.C.Charon combined the Mercator template with the Herwin Wielink style, for his two-hemispheres view of the World of Anngin.
CCCharon - World of Anngin

Christina Trani not only does the “All the Annuals” series, she also creates lots of other beautiful maps, like the Shiverglen Village here in the Winter Village style.
Christina Trani - Shiverglen Vlliage

Duane Wilkey created another town map, Adin, in the Symbol Set 5 – Cities of Schley style.
Duane Wilkey - Adin

Ed Elce produced a roadside battle map in the Forest Trail style which will be useful for any number of road encounters.
Ed Elce - Dirt Road

I’ve included two maps by Quenten in this Maps of the Month post, because they show such different types of maps. An overland map of the islands of Kolsven on the one hand, and the huge town of Tartateos, which was created with the help of the Watabou City generator and style.
Quenten - Kolsven
Quenten - Tartateos

Another two map entry is for Ricko Hasche for his wonderfully atmospheric Ravenloft maps: The Karkaroff region and the town of Ambev. The later was mostly created with structure symbols from Campaign Cartographer 3+, but it also uses some bits and pieces from the Isometric Cities style.
Ricko Hasche - Karkaroff
Ricko Hasche - Ambev

We featured the Greco-Roman Temple by Royal Scribe before, but this is a new iteration specifically using the Dungeons of Schley style from Symbol Set 4.
Royal Scribe - Roman Temple

And finally we have another map by Ute Gundacker with a map of the Isles of Scilly using a variation of the Tactical Maps style.
Ute Gundacker - Isles of Scilly

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