Maps of the Month: September 2021

Due to my holiday we are a little later than usual with the Maps of the (previous) Month, but that doesn’t mean we are going to skip them. The maps created in our community are just too wonderful not to share them. As always, this is is just a small, pretyt random collection of maps that caought my eye. Thank you everybody for sharing your work and keep up the mapping!

Ricken used Pär Lindström regional style n the black and white version and combined it wit a couple symbols from Mike Schley to create this stylish map of the Ravenloft Subcontinent.

Ravenloft Subcontinent

Wyvern – this year’s Master Mapper – drew the Coral Cavern of the Meteorite using the Dungeons of Schley symbol set.

Coral Cavern

Ricko Hasche elaborated on his Baja Calafornia map with this detail map of Lap Paz and surroundings, still using Pär Lindström’s Old West style.

La Paz

Jacob Hicks used Sue Daniel’s Ferraris style to create the isthmus town of Oriad.

Ute Gundacker – prolific as always – created a whole set of WW2-era floorplans for a Secret Laboratory – what else would you want from a game set in this era?

Jan Kirchdörfer shared this battle map he created for his rpg rooms mostly to ask for some detail advice, but I though his use of the Jon Roberts Dungeon style is definitely worth sharing to a larger audience!

Battle Map

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