Maps of the Month – October

With the weather turning cold here in Europe and the trees shedding their leaves, it’s a great time to spent the darkening evening drawing a beautiful map or two. The ProFantasy community certainly has obviously done so and produced more awesome maps. Here are a few for your your delight!

Shera McDaniel (Ladiestorm) continues to transcend our organization and typing of map styles and produces wonderful city maps using the Mike Schley Overland style. Here is the city of Narvania.
Narvania City

Grimur Fjeldsted created the wonderful regional map of Earlsdale with the Mike Schley Overland style. We were so enthralled by his work, that we asked him to write an article on it.
Duchy of Earlsdale

Stephen Henri Adolf shared the map of Arnd’xil he created for a friends with us in the Facebook community.

Rob Andrews claims that this awesome contour map was not what he was originally trying to achieve with Fractal Terrains 3, but we are sure glad he shared it with the community.
Contour Map

Eric McNeal used the Cities of Schley style for his Round Home town map. We love the layout of the town!
Round Home

Thank you everybody for sharing your work and accept our apologies that we can’t show off everything here. Visit the Facebook community or the ProFantasy forum for more!

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