Maps of the Month – October 2021

Looking back over the user contributions of last month I really had some hard decisions on what to include to keep this post manageable. So many beautiful maps posted! I hope you enjoy our users’ work of October.

Seeing so much of her work in the Annuals, we tend to take Sue Daniel‘s mapping work for granted. So take this amazing little dungeon floorplan as a reminder what outstanding maps she produces, especially when she has the time and opportunity to focus on one specific map over a complete style.

I don’t think I need to remind people of what beautiful works Calibre posts on the forum. Here is his regional map of Myrilos, not just in one but two styles at the same time (Spectrum Overland and Darklands).

This is just one of Daderpa’s highly detailed mult-view maps shared on the forum. The Phoinikia Spelaia (Phoenix Cave) is a classic quest location from D&D’S Dragonlance setting.

Dargurd used Cosmographer 3 for this sprawling Traveller sector map. Lots of worlds to visit and explore!

EdE used Shessar’s embankment tutorial with the Darklands City style to create this beautiful battle map of a river and bridge location.

South Alaska may not be the first thing you think of if you here “Classical Fantasy”, but Ricko combined this style with the real-work region to create this wonderful map.

By now Ute Gundacker is a regular name that appears in the monthly highlights, so you should not be surprised to see this wonderful map of the famous city of Prague.

Lee Whipple‘s series of science fiction maps continues with this great rendering of an asteroid location.

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