Maps of the Month: October 2018

Here is another set of awesome user-created maps that caught our eyes this last month. As always, selected by the elaborate and top secret processes of ProFantasy’s evaluation method (summed up as “Hey, that’s cool!”). Share your own on the Profantasy community forum or the Facebook user group.

The border outpost of Tarkas is Texas Jake‘s first village/town/city map created with CC3+ and it looks wonderful, not least to the great background texture that he created himself.

The ProFantasy user community is running a map contest for October with the theme of village maps, and not surprisingly we are seeing quite a few of awesome settlement maps. Just like Lorelei‘s Jasper Village map here.

Gavin Dady is creating starmaps for his science fiction setting, using Cosmographer 3. I especially like this map where he used a real galaxy image to overlay is galactic polities over.

New community member Kenneth Raymond Kordon shared some of his D&D floorplan maps with the Facebook group. Check out this townhouse.

Wes Otis created this very flavorful little map of this “frozen land of undead slaves and lost civilizations“. Sounds inviting!
Frozen Land

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