Maps of the Month: November 2023

Before the year runs out let’s take a relaxed look back at all the lovely mapping that the community shared in November. Without further ado, here are the Maps of the Month!

Matt Finch‘s lovely ruin of an abandoned tavern is own highlight of the month (just personal taste). Great work, Matt!
Abandoned Tavern Matt Finch

My personal favorite in terms of user names is of course TheIneffableCheese. Oh, they did a map too? Even better, especially when it’s a lovely overland map using my Mercator style.
Altharan Peninsula TheIneffableCheese

Jonathan Harmon‘s Argus couldn’t be more different, as he used the Satellite style for his overland map. But it’s just as great!
Argus Jonathan Harmon

I’m happy to see more sci-fi map, specifically space ships being posted. Steven Nentwig‘s CSS Shrike is just one of several he shared on the forum.

And here is another one, by Wes Otis, using the the Alien-inspired black and green diagram style.
Eon One Wes Otis
Wes gets another map featured, with Wellentol, an E Prybylski style map.
Wellentol Wes Otis

I can see EdE‘s encounter map showing a road running past a cliff to be useful for a wide variety of games and occasions, so it was a nobrainer to include.
Forest Encounter EdE

Here is another science fiction type map by BwenGun, but this time a galaxy-wide map showing human diaspora. Lovely work!
Human Diaspora BwenGun

Lee Whipple has done a whole series of riverboats and this one is only the latest of the bunch. Elaborate work!
Le Gai Mareche Lee Whipple

Talaraska has been sharing lots of beautiful maps lately and this Lost City is just a great example!
Lost City Talaraska

Based on an image of Old Sarun near modern-day Salisbury, Michael Kirschbaum‘s town map (using Symbol Set 5) has a lovely, centralized layout.

Need a few ships for a pirate attack on a poor trading vessel? EucalyptusNow has you covered with this beautiful setup.
Pirate Attack EucalyptusNow

DM Geezer Jim has another battle map for us, the snowy slopes of a wintery cliff.
Snowy Cliffs DM Geezer Jim

And finally there is of course another map by Ricko Hasche who shared a whole slew of battle maps for everyone to use. I picked out this beautiful temple layout using the Symbol Set 4 style.
Temple Ricko Hasche

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