Maps of the Month – November 2021

As we’re closing in on the end of the year and looking back on the maps posted by the community in November, there is no sign of you map-makers letting up with the awesome maps. Check out just a few of the cartographic bonanza that the month has been:

Lizzy_Maracuja‘s post-apocalypse settlement of Hope looks wonderful in its two different lighting versions, one at day and one at night.
Hope - Lizzy_Maracuja

Raiko continues his series of Rise of the Runelords maps with the Rusty Dragon Inn. Differently lighted versions seem to be a popular thing in November!
The Rusty Dragon - Raiko

Ricko has a knack for creating small-area maps, making great use of Mike Schley’s wonderfully detailed overland maps. You just feel like soaring over this landscape yourself.
Volkania - Ricko

Lillhans has created many wonderful little artistic studies on the forum, this gem is just one of many different examples.
Gem Study - HAB

Daderpa‘s maps like the Celestial Forge are always incredibly detailed, intricately labeled and his map borders are to die for.
The Celestial Forge - daperpa

Lance Campbell used this year’s Marine Dungeon Annual style to create this map of a sea cave hideout.
Sea Cave - Lance Campbell

Master Mapper Wyvern‘s whole series of “vehicle” maps for the community atlas is just hilarious and wonderful, but Scuttle the walking hut just stands out. I want it!
Scuttle - Wyvern

Matt Finch says he was in the “training week”, recreating maps from online videos and tutorials to learn CC3+. I think he’s already done a wonderful job of re-doing the bridge battle map in the Dungeons of Schley style.
River Crossing - Matt Finch

AleD’s small regional map of Piana Rutoliana is a great example of building a beautiful map with just a few symbols at fairly large scale.
Piana Rutoliana - AleD

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