Maps of the Month: November 2020

November has come and gone and produced another fine crop of user maps on both the Profantasy forum and in the CC3+ FB Group. Here is a very small selection of them presented as the November installment of our popular Maps of the Month blog.

Near the beginning of the month Loopysue completed a map that Jerry Thiel started some time ago. Jerry is sadly no longer able to map but still finds pleasure in writing game scenarios. The Lakes of Michigami is a fantasy version of a real world location intended as the main campaign map.
Loopysue - Lake Michigami

Next up is Submersible Shenanigans II, beautifully drawn by Lillhans using his lovely watercolour style.
Lillhans - Submersible Shenanigans

Whit2468 surprised us all and took us down memory lane with Far Harad (late third age in this example).
Whit2468 - Far Harad

And Moortrotter’s Apiary by daperdepa also proved to be popular.
Daperdepa - Moortrotters Apiary

Not many people take the time and trouble to map a whole castle, but here is a lovely example by Quenten – his map of Torstan Castle.
Quenten - Torstan Castle

Last, but certainly not least, is Eastern Elloran, by Dak, who is a welcome newcomer on the scene. This is the main map (below). You might want to drop by on the Profantasy Forum and have a look at the heraldry work Dak has done to go with this fine regional map.
Dak - Eastern Elloran

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