Maps of the Month: May 2019

May is almost over and it’s time to check out some of the beautiful maps contributed by the community over the last month.

Let’s start with Mark Olsen‘s ingenious map of Xemmirrilth – City of the Dragonborn. The shadow work cleverly shows the vertical layout of the city, telling the viewer clearly that you’re looking at a town built inside crater.
Mark Olsen - Xemmirrilth

Lee Smith is continuously working on his huge World of Ruvor project using the Herwin Wielink style and posting his progress section by section. You can check the huge overall world layout here.
Lee Smith - Ruvor

Maidhc O Casain posted the Most Serene City of Venza in the community forum. The map uses Mike Schley overland symbols to create an isometric city layout.
Maidhc O Casain - Venza

Jason Bradley cleverly uses Bevel sheet effects in this map to depict contoured mountains. Great work!
Jason Bradley - Contour Mountains

WVFaeryWoman created this beautiful map of the city “Hersteps”. By now it has also been included in the Community Atlas project as the city of Morscala.
WVFaeryWoman - Hersteps

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