Maps of the Month: March 2024

We are already late in April and its high-time to look back at the maps produced by the community in March. Here are some of the highlights I’ve picked out, enjoy!

Let’s start with this fantastic regional mal in the 13th Age Revisited style by Eric McNeal.

Christina Trani‘s Monastery of St. Cabel uses a varriety of different styles and sources for its symbols and fills, including Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans.

C.C. Charon‘s map of the New Lands is simple at heart, but makes great use of the blended watercolour look of The Sarah Wroot overland style.

Ricko Hasche made another of his signature map scenes with this Abandoned Silo and the accompanying spider attack, taking advantage of the recent free spider web symbols by Mike Schley.

The Reach of the Kingsland map by JackTheMapper uses AI generated heraldic shields on a Pär Lindström regional map, creating a nice contrast between the map background and the shields on top.

Julian Dracos took the February Annual issue Parchment Worlds style and tinkered with the colors and fill to produce this wonderful map.

Frosty sought advice on his temple of Mars Ultor map on the forum, got plenty, and the adapted a map by Royal Scribe into a beautiful new map.

Kevin Goebel‘s Republic of Lumadair map is available in several versions, from the original Fractal Terrains 3 map via the one depicted here, to a version in the recent Parchments Worlds style.

The Eastern Continent of Calibre‘s world project uses a heavily modified Jon Roberts overland style. I especially like the clear and distinctive labelling, always an important part of a good map.

Dagger Falls by DM Geezer Jim combines City Designer 3 with the Darklands City style by Sue Daniel.

Duane Wilkey continues the series of great town maps using Symbol Set 5 – Cities of Schley. Here we have a cozy little settlement including a village pond.

Last, but definitely not least, is a whole series of maps by Dak for the Princes of Apocalypse D&D adventure. It was hard for me to pick which one to show here (I did pick the political map, using heraldic devices on a political map), so definitely click the map to see all the others!

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