Maps of the Month – March 2021

It is time again for me to look though the many wonderful maps the Profantasy user community shared last month. It is quite a difficult task sorting through all the posts on the community forum and the Facebook group, trying to decide which to highlight, but it is anything but a chore. Such a joy to see all that creativity. I hope you like the few I can show off here and take a look through all the rest yourself!

Community regular Quenten Walker created this map of a Ruined Crypt and used the Token Treasury to highlight some of the monster found within. I really love the creature images by Rich Longmore and am excited to see them used like this.
Ruined Crypt

Christian Sander Petersen tried the recent Annual style Erdan Worlds and came up with this beautiful map of Gencavir.

Forum member Wyvern‘s project of the Wyvern Citadel is worth a closer look if you have any time to spare. This is just one of multiple levels and there are maps of the surroundings see as well.
Wyvern Citadel

Joe Barrett is working on a set of maps for Barovia, the setting of D&D’s famour Ravenloft campaign. Interestingly, the original maps from the latest incarnation were drawn by Mike Schley who also produced the style Joe i using here. A great match!
St Andrals

Thiatas Ashadarawesh’s work with Fractal Terrains is always a joy to behold, but this world map is truly stunning.
FT3 World

Daniel Pereda De Pablo used the Herwin Wielink isometric style for great effect in this 3D map of The Black Tower.
The Black Tower

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