Maps of the Month: March 2020

Welcome cartographers, to another collection of beautiful community maps, this time from March 2020. Enjoy!

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this beautiful city map, based on Castle Crimson of the Dragonlance setting, with the Mike Schley city style of Symbol Set 5.

Shessar’s superbly Scary Dungeon is now part of the community mapping project and can be freely downloaded from there.

Gavin Dady created this satellite-style map of Ssuushni’a – a world of the sci-fi rpg 2300AD – with the help of Cosmographer 3.

Merion posted this beautiful battle map of a menhir on a meadow on the community forum.

Quenten skillfully combined elements of Character Artist 3, Dioramas 3 and the Baedeker-like floorplan style into his map of Kristin Traneuk’s villa.

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